Testing Procedure


Quality Policy:

Strength management and quality control, Provide the best quality products to our customers, Continuous development of new products and improvement of services to meet our customer requirements.

Quality Objective:
In accordance with the International standard for quality policy, we set up higher internal quality assurance standards to implement comprehensive and full quality management
1) To focus attention on quality control and achieve above 98% approval qualification rating of product testing
2) To continuously adapt the latest advanced technology available

3) To achieve 98.5% customer satisfaction rating
4) To achieve a incident-free working environment

Quality Control

Every step in AEA VALVE from Order Review through production, welding, assembly, pressure testing and packaging in accordance with API Q1 & ISO 9001. Our facilities can do Radio graphic test, Ultra-sonic test, Dye-penetrate test, Magnetic test, Positive Material Identifier (PMI), Impact test, Tensile test, Hardness test, Fire safe test, Cryogenic test, Vacuum test, Low fugitive emission test, High pressure gas test, High temperature test, Three coordinates measuring, The valve torque test the product life test ,and Hydro-static test.

△ Radiographic Test
△ Ultrasonic Test
△ Penetrant Test
△ Magnetic Test
△ PMI(positive material identification)
Coordinate Measuring
△ Charpy test
△ Tensile strength test
△ Hardness test
△ Cryogenic test
△ Low fugitive emission test
Ultra-Violet ( Black light ) Inspection

Company has Passed the Certification